• WBPU showing waterbath and coil.

  • WBPU showing gas meter tube on gas outlet.

  • Waterbath Production Unit separator being welded into bath.

  • 3 phase waterbath unit on location.

  • 3 phase waterbath unit in northern NM.

  • End view, waterbath production unit showing removable coil, choke and hi-low valve

  • Waterbath production unit in fabrication.

  • Small waterbath production unit for 2 phase separation.

Waterbath Production Units

PESCO Waterbath Production Units (WBPU) have proven to be an efficient and cost effective solution to 3 phase wellhead separation when high wellstream pressures are encountered. WBPU’s are designed primarily for high pressure service where wellstream pressures range up to 10,000 psi. Inlet pressure control is usually accomplished by a “hi-low” valve in conjunction with a heater choke. A typical water bath assembly with firebox and heating coil preheats the wellstream prior to pressure regulation. Hydrate formation is eliminated and the wellstream is routed to the inlet of the separator.

Coil pressure ratings are available from 3000 psi to 10,000 psi as well as many combinations of chokes, pressure control valves and controllers. WBPU units can be configured to meet almost any production requirement or customer preference.

Features & Benefits

• Heating Coil when fitted with thermostatically controlled

• 3-way valve allows heating all or part of the Wellstream.

• Can be configured to 2 or 3 phase separation.

• Inlet impingement baffle assembly efficiently separates liquids from gas allowing them to fall into the settling section.

• Easily reconfigured to meet changing production conditions