• Image of 16” x 5’-0” PESCO vertical separator during assembly. Note insulated enclosure, inlet choke and gas meter.

  • Several PESCO vertical separators assembled and awaiting delivery. Note insulated liquid section.

  • PESCO skid mounted vertical separator loaded on the truck for delivery. Note external level control bridle.

  • Several 32” OD PESCO vertical separators awaiting final assembly.

  • 3D rendering of 32” OD PESCO vertical separator with associated controls and piping installed on skid.

  • 3D rendering of skid mounted PESCO vertical separator.

  • View inside enclosure of skid mounted PESCO vertical separator.

Vertical Separators

PESCO manufactures a wide range of vertical separators and scrubbers. Vertical separators are best suited for low to intermediate gas-oil ratio wellstreams, or wells that produce sand, coal fines, or other sediment. Vertical scrubbers are designed for a lower liquid loading, typically less than 10 bbl liquid per mmscf.

Standard Features

• Full cross section, high efficiency mist extractor.

• Specially designed inlet deflector utilizes the incoming wellstream velocity to obtain rapid primary separation.

• Full cross-sectional area of separator utilized for secondary separation.

• Knock down baffles utilized for more efficient separation.

• Baffle above the liquid section assures a quiet oil surface for accurate float operation and efficient solution gas removal.

• Large liquid accumulation section assures proper retention time for complete solution gas removal.

Optional Features

• Mechanical or Pneumatic Operation

• 2-Phase or 3-Phase Operation

• Enclosures

• Indirect Heater around liquid section to prevent freezing

• Pressure Control

• Flow Control

• Metering Capabilities

• Emission Control

• Conformance to NACE Specifications

• Automation