Vertical Scrubbers

PESCO scrubbers are used to separate gas from total liquid, which means that it is always 2-phase. The primary difference between a scrubber and a separator is that the scrubber has a maximum liquid loading capability of 10 Barrels (bbls.) of liquid per million standard cubic feet of gas (mmscfd). Scrubbers are typically used in the following service.

• Plant Inlet

• Pipeline gas prior to dehydration

• Fuel gas for compressors etc

• Conditioning gas for controls

• Compressor Suction and Discharge

Standard Features

• Full cross section, high efficiency mist extractor.

• Specially designed inlet deflector utilizes the incoming wellstream velocity to obtain rapid primary separation

• Full cross-sectional area of separator utilized for secondary separation.

• Knock down baffles utilized for more efficient separation.

• Baffle above the liquid section assures a quiet surface for accurate float operation and efficient solution gas removal.

• Liquid section assures proper retention time for complete solution gas removal.

Optional Features

PESCO offers a multitude of equipment options and sizes to satisfy the most demanding of customer requirements. Sizes range from 4" fuel gas scrubbers to 72": OD and larger and with maximum allowable working pressures to 1440 psig.

These equipment options include:

• Mechanical or Pneumatic Operation

• Enclosures

• Indirect Heater around liquid section to prevent freezing

• Pressure Control

• Flow Control

• Metering Capabilities

• Emission Control

• Conformance to NACE Specifications

• Manual or Automatic liquid dump