• PESCO slug receiver installed in SW Colorado.

  • Several PESCO slug receivers awaiting final assembly. Note vertical filter housings in foreground.

  • PESCO slug receiver installed in SW Colorado.

  • 72” PESCO slug receiver installed in SW Colorado.

Slug Receivers

PESCO manufactures a wide range of slug receivers to meet the varying needs of today’s oil and gas producers. From small, underground units to complex units with attached launchers and receivers, PESCO has the capabilities to meet all end user specifications.

Standard Features

• 2-Phase Operation

• Specially designed inlet deflector utilizes the incoming wellstream velocity to obtain rapid primary separation

• Large slug capacity designed to customer specifications

• High efficiency wire mesh or vane type mist extractor

• Knock down baffles utilized for more efficient separation (vertical models only)

• Quieting assembly assures a stable surface for accurate float operation

Optional Features

• Liquid Sump (horizontal models)

• Enclosure

• Liquid section water bath heater – to keep the liquid section from freezing

• Attached Launcher

• Attached Receiver

• Fully Packaged per Customer requirements