PESCO offers all types of separators, for high and low pressures in both horizontal and vertical configurations:


Process Equipment & Service Company, Inc. (PESCO) Oil and Gas Separators are noted for efficient separation and dependability. PESCO separators have been frequently improved and refined. Today, PESCO offers fully engineered units for maximum efficiency in the separation of gas, oil and water for long, trouble free operation.

Horizontal separators are typically used where a longer residence time is required for solution gas to escape and for enhanced oil/ water separation. Horizontal separators can be fitted with liquid collection sumps, inlet gas domes, and a wide variety of enhancements. 3 phase horizontal separators are sometimes used to separate liquid hydrocarbons and entrained gas from glycols on larger dehydration units.

Vertical separators are best suited for low to intermediate gas-oil ratio wellstreams. They are well suited for wells that produce sand or other sediment. Because the natural upward flow of gas opposes the falling liquid droplets, a vertical separator may be larger than a horizontal separator for the same gas capacity. Vertical separators are typically designed for 2 phase operation.

Vertical scrubbers are designed for cases where the liquid loading is below 10 bbl/mmscf. Scrubbers are typically used on compressor suction and discharge, on central dehydrators inlets to remove free liquids which have accumulated in a gathering system, and where a clean, liquids free gas supply is required for compressors.

Coal Gas separators have evolved to efficiently handle the production needs specific to coalbed methane production. These are characterized by initially high water volumes, coal fines and corrosive carbon dioxide concentrations.

Slug receivers are designed for a large volume surge of liquids such as from pigging operations or inlets to larger gas processing plants, where liquids may have accumulated in pipeline gathering systems.