PESCO designs and manufactures a wide variety of production units, including:


The standard production unit consists of four primary components - the separator vessel, the firebox, the wellstream heating coil, and the process instrument and controls.

• Separator Vessel: Removes free liquids from the wellstream allowing the natural gas to be transported via pipeline for further downstream processing. In the case of a 3-Phase separator, the water is separated from the oil, and then each liquid is discharged from the vessel.

• Firebox: The firebox is typically natural gas fired, and is used to heat both the wellstream and the liquids in the separator. It prevents liquid freezing and aids in liquids separation.

• Wellstream Heating Coil: The wellstream heating coil is primarily used to raise the wellstream temperature to a desired temperature to prevent hydrate formation (freezing) when a pressure reduction takes place. It can also be used to raise the temperature of the wellstream when paraffin is present, allowing the paraffin to stay in a liquid state.

• Process Instruments and Controls: Basic process instruments and controls are provided to monitor and control the production unit in order to provide safe, reliable and efficient operations. Along with standard instruments and controls, PESCO can add a wide variety of additional controls to enhance the capability of the production unit including:

• Gas Metering
• Liquids Metering
• Wellstream Temperature Control
• Pressure Control
• Differential Pressure Control
• Coil Bypass Assembly
• Heat Trace Pump
• Methanol Injection Pump
• Plunger Lift Valving