• 3D rendering of PESCO dual vertical separators with common waterbath heater.

  • Detail of 3D rendering showing level controls and discharge piping.

  • 3D rendering of a PESCO “5 Pack” production unit showing general arrangement. This model features individual heating coils in a common waterbath and is ready for an upgrade to the popular PESCO PUD gas inlet dome.

  • Coil detail of a PESCO "4 Pack" production unit.

  • View of controls inside a PESCO “4 Pack” production unit.

  • External view of a PESCO "4 Pack" production unit.

  • A PESCO "4 Pack" PUD production unit nears completion of welding assembly. It will next be fitted with all the necessary controls to make a fully functional unit.

  • 3D rendering of a PESCO indirect heater with 5 individual flow coils and dual firebox assembly.

  • 3D rendering of a PESCO "6 pack" dehydrator showing common skid, regenerator and glycol gas separator.

Multi-well Units

Multi-Well units provide a single skid mounted unit where several well streams can be processed individually. With today’s trend towards more environmentally sensitive production, PESCO has responded to provide a wide range of multi-well equipment. From separators and dehydrators to line heaters and production units, our multi-well systems provide substantial cost benefits and convenience of operation. Each unit is fully packaged per customer requirements.


• Compact unit with small footprint

• Minimal ground disturbance

• Minimal construction costs

• Reduced operating costs

• Lower cost on a per well basis

• Efficient for operator maintenance

• At-a-glance overview of numerous wells