• 3D rendering of a PESCO 3 phase horizontal test separator showing removable firebox for heating, 2 independent flow coils, outlet gas dome and enclosure for level controls.

  • Several PESCO 3 phase horizontal separators ready for assembly on large dehydration unit.

  • 3D rendering of a large PESCO 2 phase horizontal separator complete with gas outlet dome and gas metering.

  • A large PESCO 3 phase horizontal separator complete with gas outlet dome: This separator will be installed on a dehydrator to separate entrained gas and liquid hydrocarbons from a glycol stream.

  • PESCO 3 phase horizontal separator ready for delivery to customer.

  • 3D rendering of outlet end of 60” diameter PESCO 3 phase horizontal separator.

Horizontal Separators

PESCO horizontal separators are available in a wide variety of configurations. Designed for 2 and 3 phase separation, our horizontal separators have become the benchmark for efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Standard Features

• Specially designed inlet deflector utilizes the incoming wellstream velocity to obtain rapid primary separation.

• Large liquid accumulation section assures optimal retention time for complete solution gas removal

• High efficiency mist extractor.

• Internal boxes separate the shell into gas separation section, oil section, and water section. These boxes assure a quiet liquid surface for rapid removal of solution gas and positive level control.

Optional Features

• Mechanical or Pneumatic Operation

• 2-Phase or 3-Phase Operation

• Enclosures

• Indirect Heater around liquid section to prevent freezing

• Pressure Control

• Flow Control

• Metering of gas and/or liquids

• Emission Control

• Conformance to NACE Specifications

• Automation