• PESCO Vertical Flare Stack in operation in SW Colorado compressor station.

  • PESCO Vertical Flare Stack in PESCO assembly shop.

  • Horizontal Flare ready for shipment.

  • PESCO Vertical Flare in operation.

  • 3D rendering of Vertical Flare with downdraft diverter, bird screen and internal liner.

Flare Stack

PESCO Flare Stacks offer a solution for hard to manage fugitive emissions from a wide range of production processes, including BTEX laden vapors from dehydrator still column vents or noxious or odorous vapors from storage tanks. Our patented designs include several models both vertical and horizontal.

PESCO patented flare stacks are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your application.

Typical Applications

• Glycol dehydrators for destruction of still

• Column vapors

• Tank and tank battery vapors

• Land fill vapors

• Liquid hydrocarbons • Water/ contaminated steam


• 98% destruction efficiency

• Simple controls for operation and shutdown

• Easily serviced

• Reliable natural draft requires no external power