• Typical PESCO Coal Gas Separator with waterbath heater, filter, production control valve and gas metering.

  • Large vertical coal unit in service in NW New Mexico.

  • Large vertical coal unit in service in NW New Mexico.

  • 30” PESCO horizontal coal gas separator in operation in NW New Mexico.

  • A Lineup of 30” PESCO horizontal coal gas separators in customer’s yard ready for installation on location.

  • 3D rendering of PESCO Universal Coal Gas Separator showing several inlet dome sizes.

  • 3D rendering of 30” gas dome on a PESCO Universal Coal Gas Separator.

Coal Gas Separators

PESCO is the industry leader in the design and manufacture of separators designed specifically for producing gas from coal seams. Coal gas wells typically produce large volumes of water and often coal fines which require different treatment from conventional wells. PESCO has designed separators from 12” diameter units up 48” diameter, each designed for specific operating conditions.

PESCO has also developed the Universal Coal Gas separator with field interchangeable inlet gas domes to accommodate wide variations in volumes and pressures. This separator provides an economical method for adapting to changing conditions for the life of the well while maintaining end user specifications.

Standard Features

• 2-Phase Operation- gas/water

• Specially designed inlet deflector utilizes the incoming wellstream velocity to obtain rapid primary separation

• Large slug capacity – specific for coal gas dewatering

• High efficiency wire mesh or vane type mist extractor- for highest possible gas quality

• Knock down baffles utilized for more efficient separation (vertical models)

• Quieting assembly assures a stable surface for accurate float operation

Optional Features

• Liquid Sump (horizontal models)- allows full cross section of separator for gas capacity

• Enclosure- for harsh climates

• Liquid section water bath heater – to keep the liquid section from freezing

• Particulate Filtration- to remove coal fines associated with this type of production

• Metering- both gas and water

• Fully Packaged per Customer requirements-ready to hook–up

• Blow-case Pump- for producing at near atmospheric pressures