Our process is what sets us apart from other companies. From the first time we shake our customers' hand to the moment the final product is delivered, our customers become our informal partners, helping us create the solution that fits their need.


PESCO's philosophy is to design our equipment and services to provide economic solutions for our customers that meet their unique production scenarios. Becoming an informal partner, we take their operating conditions and required specifications, and create equipment and services that best meets their production goals. Our goal is to make our customers successful in the areas in which we have expertise. We do this with an innovative design process in which we model the process to maximize economic return to our customer; size the equipment using the operating conditions; develop complete written specifications; develop 3D color images that visually show the design of the equipment; then meet with our customers to optimize the design for their specific needs. This highly collaborative process between our design team, engineers, and customer ensures an accurate quote can be given for the exact equipment that is to be ordered – no surprises!

Once an order is placed, our design team, which consists of representatives from engineering, QC, field operations, manufacturing, purchasing, drafting and sales, will meet and start transforming the 3D images into manufacturing drawings. After going through several check cycles to assure the drawings are correct, we start the manufacturing process.

As manufacturing progresses, our quality control team is there through the entirety of the project, checking and rechecking each step to assure that all vessels meet the stringent requirements of the ASME Code, all instrumentation is correctly installed and tested, and the coatings are applied and tested per customer specifications. Upon completion of manufacturing and again prior to delivery of the finished product, quality is tested with the goal in mind to not only meet but to exceed our customers' expectations.